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July 06, 2017

Top 5 Passenger Seasonal Favorites

What products do Uber and Lyft passengers love to buy?
1. Water or cold drinks
For those hot summer days, having some water or other beverages hits the spot. Margins are very high with these products as well, when purchased wholesale.
2. Sunscreen
People always forget it and on a sunny day it's a must. Keep tiny bottles so that you can stay stocked.
3. Gum or mints
Night owl summer passenger favorite.
4. Snacks
Whether you're driving a tipsy passenger at night or it's middle of the day, snacks like nuts or bars are great to have around.
5. Phone chargers
People always forget these and they are a year long hot seller in Uber and Lyft rides. Margins are great when purchased wholesale from our site.

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