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July 10, 2017

1. Sign up for multiple services

With different surge rates, week to week promotions and bonuses, driving for both certainly maximizes your earnings. Even part time. Uber signup here, Lyft signup here.

2. Take a ride as a passenger

The service you provide has a huge impact on the tips you receive from Uber and Lyft passengers. Put yourself in their shoes by taking a ride and it will help you provide the best experience from start to finish.  Learn more about increasing your tips on our other  blog posts.

3. Use the destination filter

Get yourself back home or into busy locations with the destination filter. Having 2 apps means 2x more destination filters. Don't know where to set the destination filter? Set it for the airport and you will have a very high chance of receiving a request.

4. Do some research

Driving in areas with low downtime or high surge rates is key. Do some research about what events are going on in your area, look at when Uber or Lyft have promotions.

5. Provide extras

Each ride is an average of 20min long according to Uber. Instead of letting your passengers buy those convenience store items from the store nearby, give them products they want right in the car at fair prices. More info on this on our site.

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