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July 31, 2017

We have gathered tons of data on driver habits in different cities. Here are 5 free tips to make more by driving less.


1. Drive Weekend Nights

Weekend nights are some of the busiest for rideshare drivers. Find out where the bars and local events are at nearest you to earn big. Use the destination filter to get back into the hotspots if a request takes you far away.

2. Check Uber and Lyft Promotions

Uber and Lyft send out a newsletter each week with dates for guaranteed pay and weekly event forecasts in your city. Use these to know when to drive.

3. Skip Uber Pool and Lyft Line

Since you get paid a lot more per mile than per minute, it is to your advantage to avoid lots of pickups and dropoffs if possible when you are sitting and waiting. We recommend only taking those pool requests if business is slow.

4. Drive where there is low traffic

Going to places that have heavy traffic, increases the amount of requests but can often hurt your pay as you don't make very much per minute. The bulk of Uber and Lyft pay comes from the miles you drive so ideally you want to be driving on the highway with no traffic.

5. Maximize your tips

We have a whole seperate blog post on how to maximize your tips here. One of the obvious ways to increase your tips is to provide passengers with the best experience possible and many drivers are doing this with Vendigo.

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