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May 22, 2017


A jewelry artist and Uber driver from San Francisco turned his audience into his customers with some simple principles. His name: Gavin Escolar, a San Francisco native that quickly became known as the Uberpreneur as he showcased his jewelry during Uber rides. He is quoted to have made $252,000 a year by Forbes and many other publications by simply turning his car into a mobile showroom.

How can you start? Here are a few tips.

  • Set up simple and eye catching displays. Don't create clutter, focus on techniques used by one of the most successful retail stores: Apple. Products rest on clean and simple wooden tables, while the walls are filled with interesting art that engages customers. 
  • Don't pitch everybody. Not everyone is going to be interested in having a conversation. Those that do you can usually steer that conversation to your products. Gavin has used tactics like, "I am testing how the light hits this gemstone, what do you think?"
  • Find out what products people in your area like best. Different areas and locations will have vastly different products that passengers that are interested in. Create a diverse lineup based on your location and testing.
  • Learn from people who have done it before. The Vendigo team took this feedback to heart and sat down with Gavin Escolar himself to learn from his techniques. The team has also been testing the model with parent company CoPilot for a full year in 2016. Find the people that are successful and learn from them.

Many more tips are available to Vendigo members through our training guides and community forums.


Want to learn more? Read the full story on Forbes.

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